Two Iranian militiamen killed in Syria

Two Iranian Revolutionary Guards have been killed during the clashes in Syria, said an Iranian news agency on Sunday (Sep. 16), AA reported

New Details on the Iranian Regime’s Terrorist Activities in Europe

The UK Office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) will discuss new details on the

Iraq parliament holds emergency talks as Basra burns

Iraqi lawmakers met Saturday in emergency session Saturday to discuss the crisis in public services in main southern city Basra after 12 protesters were killed this week, the Iranian consulate torched and its airport hit by rockets

Iran: 11 executions in Zahedan and Gohardasht prisons

On September 3 and 5, the mullahs’ inhuman regime executed 11 prisoners in the Zahedan and Gohardasht (Karaj) prisons. Three of these prisoners were sent to the gallows at Zahedan Prison at dawn on Tuesday September 3. The three prisoners, aged 21 to 24, were sentenced to death on the charge of killing

Iraq assembly to hold emergency session on Basra unrest

Iraqi Interim Parliament Speaker Mohammed Ali Zaini has called on newly-elected MPs to convene an emergency assembly session on Saturday to discuss ongoing unrest in the southern Basra province

Fukushima disaster: Japan acknowledges first radiation death from nuclear plant hit by tsunami

Japan has acknowledged for the first time that a worker at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, destroyed by an earthquake and tsunami more than seven years ago, has died from radiation exposure

Iran Uprising - No. 208 More than a thousand arrests in August uprising; call for urgent action to release prisoners

According to reports from inside Iran, during the uprising in August, at least 1,000 young people and other protesters were arrested. According to the regime's interior minister, the uprising involved 27 cities and 13 provinces

Hundreds of Rohingya refugees call on the international community to make efforts to ensure their security

Hundreds of Rohingya minority refugees called on the international community to do more to ensure their security and access to their human rights

Blasts heard near Damascus, Israeli airstrikes reported

Multiple blasts were heard near the Syrian capital Damascus on Sunday, (Sep. 2), causing large flames and loud explosions, Syrian activists said and published videos online which the moments following the blasts

Toronto's Yorkdale mall evacuated after gunshots

There were no serious injuries after shots rang out at Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre on Thursday during the busy back-to-school season

anniversary of the massacre of political prisoners commemorated th30 in global conference of Iranian communities

Mayram Rajavi urged UN Security Council to prosecute perpetrators of 1988 massacre and those in charge of four decades of crimes in Iran

Syrians mark fifth anniversary of Assad chemical massacre in Ghouta

Syrians are marking the fifth anniversary of the chemical massacre committed by the Assad militias in Damascus’ Ghouta on the 21st of August  2013

Pope Francis condemns church sex abuse in response to new revelations in US

Pope Francis has issued a letter to Catholics around the world condemning the "crime" of sexual abuse committed by priests — and its cover-up — and demanding accountability

Explosion kills, injures people in Idlib’a Ariha

An explosion rocked north Syria’s Idlib countryside, killing and injuring people.

Pakistan’s newly elected PM announces 20-member cabinet

Pakistan’s newly-elected Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday announced his 20-member cabinet

Imran Khan sworn in as Pakistan's 22nd prime minister

Pakistan's cricketer-turned politician Imran Khan was sworn in as the 22nd prime minister on Saturday, amid a string of political and economic challenges his country is currently grappling with

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday warned against threatening his country with sanctions

Some are threatening us with economy, sanctions, exchange rates, interests and inflation. We see your game and we challenge it," Erdogan said at the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party's sixth ordinary congress in the capital Ankara

Trump using Brunson to rally evangelical votes: report

U.S. President Donald Trump has been using the dispute with Turkey about a detained pastor to garner votes ahead of congressional elections in November

Homily of Bishop Antoine-Charbel Tarabay Feast of the Assumption

Dearly Beloved in Christ,
“Whoever has love will wonder at Mary, the Mother of God.” – St Ephrem

Turkey to boycott US-made electronic products: Erdogan

We will boycott American electronic products,” Erdogan said, adding that Turkey would produce a better version of every product previously bought with foreign currencies and export them