Muslims criticise new opening laws

A leading Muslim spokesman has criticised new NSW laws that enshrine the rights of staff to refuse to work on Christian-orientated public holidays

One dead in school bus crash

ONE person is believed dead and a child injured in a collision between two cars and a bus carrying 40 children near Lucas Heights in Sydney's south west this morning

Hacker crashes Australian Prime Minister's website

THE Prime Minister's website has been hacked in protest over proposed reforms of internet censorship.

Military weapons cache seized in Sydney

MILITARY weapons including grenade launchers and ammunition have been seized during a police raid in Sydney's Eastern suburbs

Drug raid cops hit mother, some Auburn residents claim

TENSIONS between local youths and police are again at boiling point in Sydney's west after claims a mother was beaten by male officers wielding batons during a series of drug raids

So just who rules this school anyway?

BALACLAVA-clad students jeered as frightened children stood outside the gates of their government high school yesterday with signs reading "Stop the violence"

Push for women to serve on defence front line

WOMEN should be able to serve in all frontline combat units of the Australian Defence Force under a controversial recruitment plan

أستراليا تعيد إدراج حماس فى قائمة الإرهاب

أعادت الحكومة الفيدرالية الأسترالية إدراج أسماء أربع منظمات أجنبية فى قائمة المنظمات الإرهابية من بينهم حركة حماس

Up to six people exposed to Hendra virus

SIX people have potentially been exposed to the deadly Hendra virus after a horse on a north Queensland property tested positive to the disease

ICAC recommends charging three in corruption over $7 million of TransGrid contracts

A CORRUPTION probe into $7 million of NSW government contracts has recommended criminal charges be laid against a former state employee, his wife and a contractor

Feuding Broome camel-ride groups lumber towards court

THE iconic image of camel rides at sunset on Broome's Cable Beach is in jeopardy as a long-running feud between tour operators heads for the courts.

Sniffer dogs to stop phones in prisons

A NEW breed of sniffer dog will soon be unleashed in NSW prisons to stop trafficking in mobile phones among inmates

Angry crowd turns on police in four-hour-standoff

A crowd of more than 150 turned on officers from the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad as they executed search warrants on homes in Cumberland Rd and Normanby St, Auburn.

Senate set for showdown on asylum seekers

A SHOWDOWN is looming in the Senate on the treatment of asylum seekers with attention to focus on whether any coalition senators cross the floor

Suspicious bag clears Perth Airport

THE domestic terminal at Perth Airport was evacuated this morning after a suspicious package was discovered in the building

Residents flee fire terror in Sydney unit block in Marsfield

DOZENS of residents have had to be evacuated from a Marsfield unit block after fire tore through a top-floor apartment

MPs lose their rich allowances

FEDERAL MPs will be stripped of generous printing and other entitlements as part of a Rudd Government blueprint to end electioneering rorts.

We're killing people, say over-worked doctors

EXHAUSTED doctors have confessed to killing and harming patients, falling asleep during surgery and crashing their cars because of marathon shifts

Aussie Jackson glove sells for $57,600

A BEJEWELLED white glove worn by the late US superstar Michael Jackson has sparked a frenzied bidding war at auction in Melbourne

John Howard rushed to hospital after allergy scare

FORMER prime minister John Howard is recovering well after suffering a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction to a dental treatment