Police seek public help in search for missing elderly man

Elaiyahamby Nadarajah, 84, was last seen by staff at his nursing home on Albert Street, Strathfield, at about 4pm (AEST) yesterday

Bikies, debts, psychos and a horrible death in a tin box

IN late January Sean Lawrence Waygood was taken to Parramatta police station, where he made a chilling confession about his involvement in the high-profile murder of Terry Falconer and the shooting of two other men

Stabbed teen: 'I was scared'

A STABBING that put two teenage boys in hospital yesterday is believed to be payback for a petty incident earlier in the day

Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon resigns

DEFENCE Minister Joel Fitzgibbon has quit after revelations of special deals for his brother, the head of a health insurer

جنود استراليا بافغانستان يستغيثون بطهاة من بلادهم

وأبلغ قائد الجيش الاسترالي البرلمان يوم الاربعاء بأن فريقا خاصا من طهاة الجيش سافر الى افغانستان لتوفير "طعام استرالي" بعد أن اشتكى عشرات الجنود من المطعم الذي يديره طهاة هولنديون

اعتداء على طلاب سعوديين أثناء توجههم لمسجد

تعرض 5 طلاب سعوديين في منطقة "نورث برج" الاسترالية للاعتداء بالضرب المبرح أثناء توجههم إلى أحد المساجد لأداء صلاة المغرب، ما أسفر عن نقل اثنين منهم إلى المستشفى بواسطة سيارات الإسعاف

Shot dead in a knife stand-off at Armidale by police

AN INTERNAL investigation into how police killed a young man in Armidale yesterday will examine whether capsicum spray was an option for the officers involved.

Man arrested after woman stabbed in throat

A MAN has been arrested over a violent attack on a woman repeatedly stabbed in the throat and head in her suburban Sydney home, police say

Schools, homes hit as storm closes in

HEAVY rain has forced the closure of 200 schools and left 2000 homes without power on the NSW north coast as residents begin to experience the wild weather that has wreaked havoc in Queensland.

طبيب أسترالي يستخدم مثقابا منزليا يدويا لإنقاذ حياة صبي

تمكن طبيب في منطقة ريفية في استراليا ، بفضل سرعة البديهة التي يتمتع بها ، من إنقاذ حياة صبي (13 عاما) باستخدام مثقاب منزلي يدوي

جزر الأحلام في أستراليا

40 جزيرة تبحث عمن يشتريها، ومعظمها معروض بنصف الثمن الذي كان ملاكها يطلبونه منذ ثلاثة أعوام

استراليا تؤكد حالة الإصابة الثالثة بأنفلونزا الخنازير

قال مسئولون اليوم الأربعاء إن ثالث حالة إصابة بأنفلونزا الخنازير تأكدت في استراليا. والتقط أحدث المصابين العدوى بسلالة "إتش 1-إن 1" من فيروس الأنفلونزا إيه بينما كان في الولايات المتحدة

Two charged after bikie shooting raid

GANG crime squad detectives investigating Monday's bikie shooting have charged two men after yesterday raiding a Joondalup hotel where they staying

PNG consultants paid $360,000 tax-free

AUSTRALIAN taxpayers are shelling out millions of dollars for top level consultants in Papua New Guinea who earn up to $360,000 a year tax-free

Comanchero bikie boss Mick Hawi to leave out of jail on bail

COMANCHERO boss Mick Hawi, charged over the fatal brawl at Sydney airport blamed for starting the latest bikie war, is expected to walk out of jail shortly

Big chill: MPs hit by freeze on wages

POLITICIANS, judges and senior government executives will have their pay frozen until at least September 30 under a surprise ruling handed down by the Remuneration Tribunal

Young drivers spin out on steep learning curve

ALMOST 14 per cent of learner drivers are falsifying their logbooks and thousands are delaying their driving test, overwhelmed by the 120 hours of practice needed to earn a P-plate licence

Mother starved young child to death, murder trial hears

A WOMAN charged with starving her daughter to death sang to the child's body for several hours before taking an overdose of pills and going to bed because she "could not cope".

آثار الصراع في سريلانكا تمتد إلى استراليا

قالت زعيمة من الجالية السنهالية امس، إن هجوما بمادة حمضية حارقة ضد طالبين سنهاليين في سدني، يزعم أن عناصر من التاميل قاموا به

for speed limiters in all cars

ALL new cars in NSW could soon be fitted with anti-speeding devices that would make breaking the limit almost impossible and render speeding fines a thing of the past