It's last goodbye for the gloved one

AN AUSTRALIAN memorial service for Michael Jackson will be held on Saturday, coinciding with what would have been his 51st birthday

Dozens of NSW teachers in sex claims

FORTY-FIVE public school teachers in NSW have been investigated for allegedly having sexual relationships with students in the last two years

Rees calls for new national flag

NSW Premier Nathan Rees has outraged organisers of the upcoming Australian National Flag Day celebrations by suggesting it may be time fora new flag

استراليا ترسل طائرة لاحتواء بقعة نفطية

وقالت هيئة السلامة البحرية الاسترالية انه يجرى اعداد 50 طنا من مواد التفتيت في محاولة لاحتواء التدفق النفطي من منصة في بحر تيمور. وأرسلت طائرة هركيوليز من سنغافورة ووقفت طائرتان أخريان على أهبة الاستعداد

Rachael Finch is ready to rule the universe

IT'S a long way from the tarmac of Townsville Airport, where model agent Henry Petersen first met Miss Universe Australia Rachael Finch, to the Bahamas

We will decide who enters, Kevin Rudd

PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd says the Australian Government will decide who is allowed to enter the nation - without needing permission from any other country

Drug dog sniffs out $840,000 airport bust

A MAN has been charged with possessing $840,000 of methamphetamine at Sydney Airport after drug dog Reba sniffed out a sports bag in the domestic terminal.

Oil spill, rig evacuated off Kimberley north coast

 Oil is spraying uncontrolled from an evacuated drilling rig off WA's north as its operator puzzles over how to plug a dangerous leak

Nathan Rees to call leadership ballot

NSW could have a new Premier by the end of next week with revelations embattled Nathan Rees may bring the NSW leadership crisis to a head as early as next Friday

Sporty children's deadly cocktail - painkillers and energy drinks

CHILDREN as young as 10 are taking a potentially deadly cocktail of drugs and high-caffeine drinks before sports matches in a dangerous bid to boost their performance

استراليا تدرج حركة الشباب الصومالية على لائحة المنظمات الارهابية

اعلنت استراليا الجمعة انها قررت ادراج حركة الشباب الصومالية الاسلامية المتشددة على لائحة المنظمات الارهابية بعد اتهام خمسة رجال مرتبطين بالحركة بالاعداد لهجوم ضد ثكنة عسكرية

Square Kilometre Array could be Down Under-bound

AUSTRALIA and New Zealand have made a joint bid to host the world's most powerful radio telescope, a $2.5 billion device which could one day help unlock the secrets of the universe

I'm James Packer's twin

A WOMAN accused of stalking James and Erica Packer has vowed to continue her mission to prove to James they share the same father

Couple could help find Wei

POLICE have released a picture of a couple they believe may be able to assist with investigations into the disappearance of Lidcombe woman Wei Chen.

Ban on raunchy video clips rejected by Government

RAUNCHY music videos and sexual images of children will stay despite a Senate call for a crackdown on smut.

Top 100 virus-infected websites exposed

The 100 websites most affected by viruses each have about 18,000 nasties to attack net users' computers, an internet security company says

استراليا تحصل على 20 % من الكهرباء من مصادر طاقة متجددة بحلول عام 2020

من المنتظر أن تولد استراليا خمس طاقتها الكهربائية من الرياح والشمس وغيرها من مصادر الطاقة المتجددة بحلول عام 2020 بموجب تشريع وافق عليه البرلمان اليوم

'Letter names killer of Min Lin and his family'

AN anonymous letter naming the savage killers of newsagent Min Lin and his family

Inquest told of third death linked to The Turning Point self-help course

A KOREAN student died from multiple stab wounds three days after attending a Turning Point self-help course - the third death linked to the controversial program

MP Jann Stuckey 'not doing women any favours'

A FEMALE MP has been told she's doing women no favours after complaining about insults in the Queensland Parliament