Our rail system is a train wreck

THE number of trains derailing, hitting people, slamming into vehicles at level crossings and running through danger signals has shot up in the past year

Taylor gets a gig with the Roosters

SACKED South Sydney coach Jason Taylor has scored a new gig in the NRL as the Sydney Roosters' kicking coach

Victoria Police in damage control after report

Victoria Police has gone into damage control following an explosive report of their mishandling of drug exhibits at their forensic services centre

جبل جليدي يهدد بغــزو ســواحل اســتراليا

أفادت تقارير أمس الاربعاء ان جبلا جليديا، يبلغ حجمه ضعف حجم جسر سيدني هاربور، يتحرك باتجاه غرب استراليا

Government sticking to unemployment forecast

THE Federal Government is sticking to its unemployment forecast of 6.75 per cent next year, despite an unexpected drop in the jobless rate to 5.7 per cent

Fears grow over 'hardline' mosque in western Sydney

RESIDENTS are fighting a mosque and cultural centre they believe will become a headquarters for the strict Wahhabi sect of Islam in Sydney

Rudd says no to early election

PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd has said he would not call an early election even if the Opposition dumped Malcolm Turnbull as leader

Holding flags water restriction-free future

A future without water restrictions in Victoria has been flagged with the state government announcing tougher controls won't be imposed this summer

Three members of same family charged with murder

THREE members of the same family have been charged with murdering a 23-year-old man in Western Australia

Police probe baby pool drowning

A BABY boy has drowned in a backyard pool in central western NSW.

Horror night on state's roads

EMERGENCY services in Sydney's outer west were stretched to breaking point as they raced from one horrific car crash to another early Sunday morning

Killers escape justice in NSW

NSW Police have been exposed as having one of the worst murder clear-up rates in the nation after revelations there are more than 500 unsolved homicides on the force's books

Three men stabbed near train station

THREE men have been stabbed near a western Sydney railway station, police say.
The trio was stabbed near Harris Park railway station just before 5pm  today

Queen urges Commonwealth to take lead on climate change

The Queen has urged Australia and other Commonwealth nations to lead the world in responding to climate change

$100,000 reward to solve Sydney murder

A $100,000 reward has been posted by the NSW government for information about the suspected murder of a Sydney man 24 years ago

Flu epidemic 'escaped from lab'

THREE Australian experts are making waves in the medical community with a report suggesting swine flu may have developed because of a lab error in making vaccines.

أستراليا ترصد مكافآت لمن يستطيع اجتذاب أطباء من الخارج للعمل فيها

تضمنت الصحف المحلية الأسترالية الصادرة اليوم إعلانات تعرض مكافآت تصل إلى ثلاثة آلاف دولار أسترالي (2750 دولار أمريكي) لأي شخص يستطيع أن يقنع طبيبا يعيش في الخارج بالعمل في أستراليا

First-home buyers fade away

There were just 2626 first-home buyers in NSW last month, the first month without the full Federal Government boost

Gang may have been behind four murders

THE Government is offering a $100,000 reward for information about a suspected murder which might be linked to a group of organised criminals

Suspicious local identified murder suspect Anthony Warlow

SMOKED oysters, canned tuna and baked beans led to the arrest of Antony Waterlow 18 days after the killings of his sister and father