Queue of ministers at Julia Gillard's door

JULIA Gillard's Cabinet will have to "re-apply" for their jobs with senior Government sources revealing the PM was conducting formal interviews with her senior ministry before she makes up her mind

No one can slip in this race

MOST Australians believe Tony Abbott is still not yet ready to govern, according to an exclusive poll, but they have also refused to buy the reinvention of Julia Gillard

The race to live at No.5 Peter Brock Drive

IT'S THE hottest address at Oran Park Town, the redevelopment of the former racing circuit in Sydney's southwest.

Threat to gay parents

ADOPTION agencies would be granted the right to refuse gay couples a child under an unprecedented State Government plan to appease the churches

Prime Minister shaken by the ghosts of elections past

PRIME MINISTER Julia Gillard and deposed Labor leader Kevin Rudd will not appear together for the rest of the election, other than a brief appearance at the ALP campaign launch

Tony Abbott won't budge on smugglers

PEOPLE-SMUGGLERS and Australians who harbour illegal immigrants will face automatic jail terms under a Coalition government

The cardboard campaigners

TONY Abbott can't win this election, but Julia Gillard could lose it. That's the message from conventional wisdom: oppositions don't win elections; governments lose them

Free rail taking us for ride

TRAIN commuters will travel for free on Monday as a goodwill downpayment by unions before they order train drivers and guards off the job over a pay dispute

Kevin Rudd could be offered UN role before end of election campaign

KEVIN Rudd's new United Nations post could be announced before the end of the election in what looms as another major embarrassment for Julia Gillard

Schapelle Corby sentence may be cut

THE Indonesian Supreme Court has recommended that Australian Schapelle Corby's 20-year sentence for drug trafficking be significantly reduced, it has been reported

Julia Gillard's pension is $2000 a week

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard might have questioned a tiny rise for pensioners but she will walk away from Parliament with a pension of more than $2000 a week

Poll rate rise threat eases

JULIA Gillard, Wayne Swan - and anyone with a mortgage - can breathe a sigh of relief, with a mid-campaign rate rise now unlikely after official data showed prices rising more slowly than expected

Banned Sydney doctor appeals drugs conviction

A SYDNEY doctor banned from medicine for 10 years for abusing drugs and contributing to the death of a patient is fighting to become registered to practise in Victoria

Dance floor murder trial to go-ahead

A MAN who stabbed another night club patron to death on the dance floor of a Sydney club was today ordered to stand trial for murder

Police hunt teen girls' sex attacker

A MAN who indecently assaulted two teenage Sydney girls remains at large but police hope the release of an image of the offender will result in his capture

Gillard denies mine tax increase deal

 JULIA Gillard says her Government will not agree to increase the mining tax, despite a facing a likely post-election battle with the Greens to get it through the Senate

Stay-home fathers to face pay cut

 MEN who opt to be the primary carer of their newborn babies will have their parental leave paid at the mother's pay rate - not their own - under the Coalition's paid parental leave scheme

Robbery shoot-out with security guard

A MAN shot by a security guard while trying to rob an Armaguard van in Sydney's north is battling for life while another is in hospital after being shot in the leg

A real run for her money

TONY ABBOTT bolstered his chances at the August 21 election with a strong performance against Julia Gillard last night in a close election debate that was dominated by the cost of living, asylum seekers and immigration

John Ibrahim in dust-up at Greek nightclub in Mykonos with John Macris

As John Ibrahim, Sydney's most prominent night club identity, partied with fiancee Chelsea Mitchell and friends at a club on the Greek holiday island of Mykonos yesterday