Stolen detonators could be dangerous in wrong hands

THE theft of dangerous detonators on the NSW south coast has sparked a public-safety alert from police

Smile for the $1m camera

A LONE red-light camera has collected more than $1 million in fines for the NSW Government, snaring a record 50 drivers every week

New year brings big household bills rise

VICTORIANS are facing a year of costly bill increases, with new green targets and growing demand forcing up energy prices and a stronger economy adding thousands to yearly mortgage repayments

National holiday road toll rises to 38

THE national holiday road toll has risen to 38 with the death of a man in southeast Queensland on Christmas Day

Christmas a time to reflect, look ahead - Kevin Rud

PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd has urged Australians to remember Australian troops in faraway places and those less fortunate than themselves this Christmas

Knitting needles, nail clippers allowed on flights

PASSENGERS are now allowed to carry knitting needles, nail clippers and tennis racquets on board flights under new laws

Conditions ease for South Australia fires

EASING winds and reduced temperatures are helping fire crews to gain the upper hand in fires that have destroyed up to 10 houses

Postal strikes to continue, election a possible target

POSTAL unions have vowed to continue industrial action into the new year and even to target mail during the federal election after they yesterday eased back on pre-Christmas strikes

إدانة مقدم برامج أسترالي بتشويه سمعة اللبنانيين المسلمين

أدانت محكمة القرارات الإدارية في نيو ساوث ويلز في استراليا مقدم البرامج الأسترالي آلان جونز، العامل في إذاعة « جي بي2»، بتهمة «تشويه سمعة اللبنانيين المسلمين»

Health fees soar in row over gap payments

THOUSANDS of private hospital patients are being forced to pay gap fees running into hundreds of dollars because of a dispute over price increases

Extreme fire warning ahead

SEVERE to extreme weather expected in parts of Australia today with forecasts of high temperatures and strong winds

Sydney's double hit on pollution

SYDNEY'S air pollution is rising in what government scientists claim is a double-whammy effect of climate warming and the rising number of Sydney's cars

Cash rings in the Christmas Season's greeting at our stores


IT IS not the sound of bells jingling but cash registers ringing in NSW stores as shoppers spend an extra $12 million a day on last-minute Christmas gifts

Severe to extreme weather expected in parts of Victoria

FIRE authorities are warning of extreme fire danger tomorrow for northern Victoria and east Gippsland with high temperatures and strong winds forecast

NSW power bills to rise up to 62 per cent due to network fixes and ETS

ELECTRICITY bills in NSW will rise by as much as 62 per cent over the next three years - to pay for repairing neglected networks and Kevin Rudd's ETS

Thousands put out as airline computers go down

THOUSANDS of passengers have been left stranded at Melbourne Airport after a computer breakdown forced the cancellation of at least 14 Virgin Blue flights and delayed dozens more

Prince William's heading to Sydney

PRINCE William's visit to NSW next month will be an opportunity to showcase the state in foreign media, Premier Kristina Keneally says

Climate cuts not sufficient, says PM

KEVIN RUDD has rejected as inadequate the offers by all major developed and developing nations to cut carbon emissions

Speed police set to go sky-high with new plane surveillance system

IT was the eye in the sky that struck fear in the hearts of speeding drivers back in the 1980s.
Now the airborne speed trap is being brought out of mothballs this holidays

Fire danger ahead as Melbourne prepares to sizzle

Melbourne is set to sizzle on Wednesday as the mercury climbs to 39 degrees but it is unlikely to be the state’s first catastrophic fire danger day