Navy intercepts more asylum seekers

A BOAT believed to be carrying 52 suspected asylum seekers has been intercepted off Australia's northwest coast

انطلاق برنامج إفطار الصائم السنوي في أستراليا

بدأت سفارة الامارات في استراليا أمس الجمعة تنفيذ برنامج إفطار الصائم الذي ترعاه مؤسسة خليفة بن زايد آل نهيان الخيرية في مرحلته الأولى وذلك بمدينة سيدني عاصمة ولاية نيوساوث ويلز

Private schools win cash bonuses

PRIVATE schools in Australia will receive up to $23 million each in overpayments over the next four years

School funding signs 'election stunt'

KEVIN Rudd is demanding schools show their gratitude for cash handouts with signs that will stay in place until after the next election

تعيين السيدة جين دان سفيرة جديدة لاستراليا في لبنان

تم تعيين السيدة جين دان لتحل مكان السيدة ليندال ساكس، التي هي سفيرا منذ آذار   2006. ومن المتوقع أن تستلم منصبها الشهر المقبل

اكتشاف ديناصور جديد في أستراليا

أعلن علماء في أستراليا اكتشاف نوع جديد من الديناصورات في مزرعة للخراف في ولاية كوينزلاند شمالي البلاد.
ويبلغ عمر الحفريات لهذا الحيوان من فصيلة "سوروبود" 97 مليون سنة

استراليا تبدأ برنامجا واسعا للتلقيح ضد انفلونزا الخنازير في تشرين الاول/اكتوبر

اعلنت استراليا الجمعة انها ستبدأ في تشرين الاول/اكتوبر حملة واسعة للتلقيح ضد انفلونزا الخنازير الا انها حذرت من احتمال تفشي "موجة جديدة" من المرض في البلاد

PM revamps stimulus package after school costs fears

KEVIN Rudd has dramatically reconfigured his $43 billion economic stimulus package after warnings over large school building costs

فرنسي ادعى انه أمير سعودي يفر من استراليا إلى نيوزلندا

تمكن مواطن فرنسي من أصول عربية من الفرار من الشرطة الاسترالية، بعد أن احتال على مجموعة من الفنادق والمنتجعات عن طريق الادعاء بأنه أمير سعودي

I'll sack the coup plotters, Premier Nathan Rees warns

NATHAN Rees has ordered his mutinous ministers and MPs to get back to work, with the threat of the sack hanging over their heads

Family of three die in crash near Mount White

A YOUNG family of three has died in a fiery crash involving two cars and a truck on the F3 freeway on the NSW Central Coast

Libs turn on own over military bungle

A LIBERAL frontbencher has blamed a defence minister in the previous Howard government for the failure of military justice reforms

Exotic pythons surrendered to WA authorities

TWO exotic pythons worth up to $10,000 each on the black market, including a species known to attack people, have been surrendered to WA wildlife authorities

Prisoner told psych he wanted to kill someone

THREE days before a prisoner killed his cellmate, he took pleasure in telling a psychologist he wanted to bash someone in the head with half a brick, a Sydney inquest has been told.

Police shut down Sydney domestic airport over bikies

JOINT OPERATION ... NSW Police and  Federal Police force the closure of the domestic terminal at Sydney Airport

Aborigines ask UN for refugee status

A GROUP of Australian Aborigines has asked the United Nations for refugee status, claiming special emergency laws

Drunk mums give birth; babies seized from unfit parents

QUEENSLAND mothers are giving birth while drunk as new figures show babies are being seized from unfit parents almost every week

Eltham North Primary School bans bottled water

A MELBOURNE school has banned commercially bottled water in what is believed to be a Victorian first

Guard pretended to be siege hostage: police

A Sydney hotel security guard pretended to be a hostage during an armed robbery he helped orchestrate, which led to the shooting of a policeman and a four-hour siege, police allege.

Qantas terror as man tries to open door on flight landing in Sydney

QANTAS staff had to subdue a man who tried to open the door of a flight making its descent into Sydney airport early today, a fellow passenger said on arrival