School to strike over red tape and bats

Fed-up teachers at a northern NSW school claim they are being told to stop ringing the school bell, not hold sport days and plan different class times so they do not upset an influx of 20,000 flying foxes

Mamdouh Habib protests decision to revoke passport

Mamdouh Habib says there is no reason for him to be denied his passport

Oprah's big adventure in Australia to film for her TV show

VICTORIA has put about $500,000 in the kitty to bring billionaire TV star Oprah Winfrey to Australia, including a shopping trip to Melbourne

Big ticket scramble over Oprah Winfrey's Australian shows

IT'S Sydney's biggest ticket scramble since that other big O - the Olympics

Pro Bono Kristina wears a $3500 cap

KRISTINA Keneally may be proposing the introduction of caps on political donations, but that hasn't stopped her from hosting a box at the U2 concert where donors will pay $3500 a head to spend a night with the Premier and Bono

HSC English fail mark - students spell out problems

HSC students have slammed the English curriculum, saying it isn't relevant to their lives and should no longer be compulsory

Abbott announces front bench

Malcolm Turnbull's vital appointment in Tony Abbott's front bench

Rudd to represent Gillard at annual UN meeting

Kevin Rudd will be overseas rubbing shoulders with world leaders

 ANZ comes under fire

ANZ Bank may have acted illegally by harassing debtors and seizing money from their accounts in breach of consumer guidelines

Absent reform MPs skip the vote

THE three independent champions of parliamentary reforms did not front for 500 votes in the House of Representatives during the first term of the Labor government

Tony Abbott to ambush Labor on policies

 THE Coalition will try to use the hung Parliament to put its own policies into practice by trying to win support for a judicial inquiry into the Government's school building program

'Rudd won't run the show'

 PRIME Minister Julia Gillard has indicated Kevin Rudd will not dominate foreign policy as foreign minister.

Bill Crews' last steps retraced by cops

DETECTIVES investigating the death of police officer William Crews returned to the crime scene yesterday to conduct a final re-enactment with traumatised colleagues who witnessed the shooting

Julia Gillard rewards the plotters

JULIA Gillard has rewarded the faceless men who put her in power, appeased Kevin Rudd and put her stamp on the government in sweeping changes to the ministry

400 arrested in police booze blitz

MORE than 400 people were arrested on the first night of a new police blitz on boozy bad behaviour in NSW

Who fired the shot that killed Bill Crews?

THE first thing they saw was a hand holding a silver handgun emerging from under an open roller door - and it was already firing.
The very first shot struck Constable William Crews

Prime Minister announces new Ministry

Prime Minister Julia Gillard today announced the new Ministry of the Gillard Government

Keneally touts $80m water theme park

Plans have been unveiled for a new $80 million Wet "N'' Wild theme park in Sydney's west

PM sets up regional Australia portfolio

Prime Minister Julia Gillard says her new ministry delivers on a promise to establish a portfolio dedicated to regional Australia

Gilard gives Rudd foreign ministry in new line-up

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard has appointed her predecessor Kevin Rudd as Foreign Minister