Red alert for Sydney's jaywalkers

A CRACKDOWN on jaywalkers will begin today after a sharp rise in the number of pedestrian deaths

Fill 'er up ... with flames

A WOMAN filling a petrol can so she could mow her lawn almost blew up a suburban Sydney service station with a freak electrical spark

مسلمو أستراليا: لماذا أعيادنا ليست عطلة؟! 

ويبلغ عدد مسلمي أستراليا نحو 300 ألف شخص، يعيش معظمهم في مدينتي سيدني وملبورن، ويمثلون ما نسبته 1.5% من إجمالي عدد السكان البالغ 21 مليونا، وهو ما جعل الإسلام الدين الثاني في أستراليا

ضبط مزيد من المشتبه بانهم من طالبي اللجوء قرب استراليا

سفينة تابعة للبحرية الاسترالية اعترضت سفينة ثانية تقل عشرات من المشتبه بانهم من طالبي اللجوء قبالة الساحل الشمالي

Schools in firing line

PARENTS have called for better fences at schools to stop attacks by vandals, firebugs and thieves after the release of official figures showing almost 20,000 security breaches last year

Fake handyman preys on elderly

NSW Fair Trading Minister Virginia Judge said her department had received reports this week that door-to-door traders had been targeting elderly consumers in Sydney's southwest.

Cabbie cheats face the sack

EIGHTY-two Sydney taxi drivers face losing their licences for refusing fares

Ambos 'have a right to watch television'

PARAMEDICS are fully entitled to spend thousands of taxpayer dollars on televisions and DVDs for their ambulance stations

than Rees sacks rebel ministers Tony Kelly and Ian Macdonald

PREMIER Nathan Rees yesterday used his executive powers to end plans by ministers to replace him, stripping key plotters Tony Kelly and Ian Macdonald of portfolios

TB outbreak at Sydney school, St Johns Park High School

Health authorities were at St Johns Park High School, near Fairfield, yesterday testing students, following a suspected outbreak of the potentially fatal lung disease.

 Muslims criticise new opening laws

A leading Muslim spokesman has criticised new NSW laws that enshrine the rights of staff to refuse to work on Christian-orientated public holidays

One dead in school bus crash

ONE person is believed dead and a child injured in a collision between two cars and a bus carrying 40 children near Lucas Heights in Sydney's south west this morning

Hacker crashes Australian Prime Minister's website

THE Prime Minister's website has been hacked in protest over proposed reforms of internet censorship.

Military weapons cache seized in Sydney

MILITARY weapons including grenade launchers and ammunition have been seized during a police raid in Sydney's Eastern suburbs

Drug raid cops hit mother, some Auburn residents claim

TENSIONS between local youths and police are again at boiling point in Sydney's west after claims a mother was beaten by male officers wielding batons during a series of drug raids

So just who rules this school anyway?

BALACLAVA-clad students jeered as frightened children stood outside the gates of their government high school yesterday with signs reading "Stop the violence"

Push for women to serve on defence front line

WOMEN should be able to serve in all frontline combat units of the Australian Defence Force under a controversial recruitment plan

أستراليا تعيد إدراج حماس فى قائمة الإرهاب

أعادت الحكومة الفيدرالية الأسترالية إدراج أسماء أربع منظمات أجنبية فى قائمة المنظمات الإرهابية من بينهم حركة حماس

Up to six people exposed to Hendra virus

SIX people have potentially been exposed to the deadly Hendra virus after a horse on a north Queensland property tested positive to the disease

ICAC recommends charging three in corruption over $7 million of TransGrid contracts

A CORRUPTION probe into $7 million of NSW government contracts has recommended criminal charges be laid against a former state employee, his wife and a contractor