OECD praise for Canberra's stimulus package

THE Federal Government has won glowing support for its controversial economic stimulus, with the Western world's leading think tank saying the strategy will save up to 200,000 jobs

Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione defends policewoman who twice shot Susie Bandera armed with fork

NSW POLICE commissioner Andrew Scipione has defended the actions of a female officer who twice shot a woman armed with a fork, leaving her seriously injured

Lower home buyer grant 'will hurt prices'

THE scaling back of the first home owners' grant will significantly impact prices at the lower end of the market, a survey predicts.

Mother and son charged over fake death plot

A SYDNEY man and his mother have been charged over a complicated plot in which he allegedly faked his own death before she tried to cash in his $239,000 life insurance policy

Driver tells police he's been driving for 50 years without a licence

A MAN had told police he has been driving without a licence for 50 years after he was pulled over in Sydney's west for failing to stop at a stop sign

Two Sydney men charged over armed hold-ups involving cash-in-transit security guards

ONE of two men charged over a string of armed hold-ups involving cash-in-transit security guards threatened officers with a screwdriver before his arrest, police say

Kevin Rudd to break up Telstra

THE Rudd Government's decision to separate Telstra will increase competition and lead to better services, the telecommunications industry says

Harassment claim rocks police force

 POLICE command is in turmoil with female officers claiming widespread sexual harassment and intimidation, including being told their place is in the home.

Parliamentary inquiry to probe port security lapsesNICK MCKENZIE

THE exploitation of security gaps at Australia's wharves and airports by organised crime will be investigated by a parliamentary committee

Telstra close to axing $2.20 fee for paying a bill by mail or in person

This week Telstra began charging customers for simply paying their account by non-electronic means

عشرات الحرائق في الاحراش تهدد ولاية استرالية

تعتبر حرائق الاحراش حدثا طبيعيا متكررا في استراليا والنباتات المتوطنة هناك متكيفة معها. ومع ذلك يقول العلماء ان الجفاف المرتبط الى حد كبير بالاحتباس الحراري العالمي ربما يجعلها اكثر انتشارا

Abbott kicked out of Parliament

Senior Liberal Tony Abbott has been banned from Federal Parliament for 24 hours after the Speaker of the house resented his wandering around in front of the Coalition frontbench.

Home ownership dream slipping away

The dream of home ownership remains out of reach for tens of thousands of Australians despite government effort to build supply, a new report shows

Exposing kids to porn 'should be illegal'

PARENTS who expose their children to pornography would face criminal charges under plans being drawn up by a senior Liberal MP to shield the young from sexual material

Gang 'stole $1m from parking meters'

ONE of six members of an alleged gang accused of stealing $1.1 million in coins from Brisbane parking meters has pleaded guilty to acting as a lookout during the thefts.

Woman dies, six kids hurt in crash

A WOMAN has died and six children have been sent to hospital after their car went down an embankment southwest of Canberra

Red alert for Sydney's jaywalkers

A CRACKDOWN on jaywalkers will begin today after a sharp rise in the number of pedestrian deaths

Fill 'er up ... with flames

A WOMAN filling a petrol can so she could mow her lawn almost blew up a suburban Sydney service station with a freak electrical spark

مسلمو أستراليا: لماذا أعيادنا ليست عطلة؟! 

ويبلغ عدد مسلمي أستراليا نحو 300 ألف شخص، يعيش معظمهم في مدينتي سيدني وملبورن، ويمثلون ما نسبته 1.5% من إجمالي عدد السكان البالغ 21 مليونا، وهو ما جعل الإسلام الدين الثاني في أستراليا

ضبط مزيد من المشتبه بانهم من طالبي اللجوء قرب استراليا

سفينة تابعة للبحرية الاسترالية اعترضت سفينة ثانية تقل عشرات من المشتبه بانهم من طالبي اللجوء قبالة الساحل الشمالي