Anthony Mundine slams Indigenous 'fence sitters' over rugby league racism row

ANTHONY "Choc" Mundine has lashed out at fellow Aborigines and rugby league greats Arthur Beetson and Gorden Tallis, calling them "coconuts" for not speaking up to support Timana Tahu's stand against racism

Labor facing a total wipeout

LABOR is facing political oblivion, with Premier Kristina Keneally having failed to woo angry western Sydney voters in Penrith

Toll owners raise fees

SYDNEY motorists will have to cough up even more cash to drive around their own city from July 1 as the owners of motorways jack up tolls by as much as 10 per cent

A $7 billion school fee rip-off

CASH-strapped parents are paying $7 billion more for school fees and education costs than five years ago, putting unprecedented pressure on the household budget

RTA admits cameras at fault

ALMOST 400 Sydney drivers will have fines returned and demerit points wiped out after the Roads and Traffic Authority admitted a faulty camera was randomly snapping cars

war chest to fund battle over fee compensation claim

THE company funding a massive bank fee compensation claim is building a $10 million war chest to fight the financial giants in court

John Ibrahim - King of the Cross, king of the kids

JOHN Ibrahim, it turns out, is a very generous godfather

Tax funds gay sex training program

TAXPAYERS are funding workshops for men on how to use gay saunas and sex clubs

Here's Miss Universe Australia 2010 - Jesinta Campbell

AUSTRALIA'S newest Miss Universe Jesinta Campbell admitted she thought she had blown her chances after stumbling over her final question from the judges

Parent get paid leave

NEW mums and dads will soon be eligible for paid parental leave after parliament passed Australia's first federal scheme

Missing sailor Abby Sunderland spotted at sea, reportedly contacts family

The 16-year-old sailor faces another torrid day aboard her stricken yacht on the Southern Ocean after she was miraculously spotted by a specially chartered Qantas jet

When governments go bad, it's only fair to give the people a voice

Marie Bashir was asked what she would tell those on a bus looking at Parliament House, thinking: if only the Governor would sack the lot

I'll take fight to Rudd, says NSW Opposition Leader

KEVIN Rudd's resource super-profits tax threatens the stability of public finances in NSW, state Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell says

Dubai connection exposed, but Keneally blocks secrets

IAN MACDONALD'S controversial trip to Dubai was organised by a company owned by the country's ruler

Phoney porn scam takes Aussies for a ride

A fake porn scam has emerged as one of the most popular means of ripping off Australians, with international fraudsters netting about $70 million from here in the past year alone

A $5 billion fighting fund from Barry O'Farrell

THE man almost certain to be the state's next premier will today outline his plan for NSW, announcing a $5 billion infrastructure fund to pay for big transport projects like the M4 East or M5 duplication

Keneally's Kokoda gibe is way off Track

A CHEAP remark aimed at belittling her political rival has backfired on Premier Kristina Keneally, leaving her under attack from the unlikely alliance of Diggers and a charity queen

Man stabbed in throat in brawl

POLICE are speaking with two women and a teenage girl after a man was stabbed in the throat on the NSW north coast.

Federal politics a man's world

THE once rapid gains for women entering federal parliament has come to a halt in NSW with an expected drop in the number of NSW women MPs following the federal election

States fight law on power bills

THE states are baulking at a national consumer law that would let electricity companies disconnect customers too poor to pay their bills