Two earthquakes hit Melbourne

TWO small earthquakes have hit Melbourne's south, but there are no reports of damage

أستراليا تواصل جهودها للحفاظ على الطلبة الهنود الدارسين فيها

ويقوم رئيس وزراء فيكتوريا ، جون برومبي بزيارة الهند سعيا للحفاظ على أعداد الهنود الذي يحضرون للدراسة في استراليا. يذكر ان هناك ما يربو على 90 ألف هندي يدرسون في استراليا

Internet meltdown threat: Conficker worm refuses to turn

The brightest minds in technology and government are finding it "almost impossible" to defeat the Conficker worm, which has infected more than 5 million computers

Sydney severe weather warning: 100km/h winds on the way

A hot Spring day will give way to strong winds and a possible thunderstorm in Sydney this afternoon before the temperature drops 10 degrees and gale-force winds hit the city tomorrow

Former NSW Young Australian of the Year Iktimal Hage-Ali said publicity of her arrest destroyed reputation

 Former Young NSW Australian of the Year Iktimal Hage-Ali, who has admitted being a cocaine addict, is suing the State Government over allegations she was a drug dealer. Source

Jill Wran, former Premier's wife, loses licence for drink driving

JILL Wran, the wife of former premier Neville Wran and a leading identity in Sydney society, has lost her licence for drink driving

Sydney's worst traffic jam

FRUSTRATED Sydney drivers are illegally using the median strip in an attempt to get out of traffic and into work on time

Dollar falls at noon on weak Asian start

At 12pm AEST, the local currency was trading at $US0.8658/65, down from Friday's close of $US0.8685/88

Police crack alleged airport drug-smuggling gang

SIX men have been charged over an alleged cocaine importation syndicate that involved packages of drugs being smuggled through Sydney airport

Company bosses increase salaries despite downturn

IT'S been the worst year for the global economy since the Great Depression

Woman 'raped by bus driver' after night out

The 28-year-old woman left a club in Sherbrooke St, Rooty Hill, about 4am (AEST) on Saturday to go home, police said.

No relief for victim's pain as school sex case drags on

A YOUNG woman was left afraid of the dark after being repeatedly sexually assaulted by her high-school principal

Aussie sailors washed off submarine

A COVERT navy submarine mission almost ended in disaster when a giant wave washed five of its crew into the ocean

Rudd's 'f***ing' rant at factions

KEVIN Rudd has had another expletive-riddled brain explosion - this time directed at Labor's faction bosses, including three women MPs.

Monster croc in the city

THIS unnamed monster croc moved into his new home in Darwin city yesterday - setting cameras clicking and halting traffic

Peak-hour power price hikes

NSW residents will pay more in peak-hour periods for power, if they do not change their lifestyles

Private doctors cash in on obesity surgery

THE number of operations to treat obesity has doubled in just two years to more than 4000 in NSW, Medicare statistics show

Two dead in Sydney smash

TWO people have died after their car and a truck collided in Sydney's west, capping off a bad week on NSW's roads

Lawyers fail clients, Federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland says

Mr McClelland, who will deliver a "state of the legal nation" address to the Australian Legal Convention in Perth today

Masked man ties up, rapes woman in her home

A WOMAN has been tied up and raped in her home at Capalaba on Brisbane's southside in a ``terrible'' attack