SA Premier Mike Rann assaulted

South Australian Premier Mike Rann has been assaulted while attending a function at the National Wine Centre

Rise of refugees fleeing war zones

MORE than 600 asylum seekers have been granted refugee visas in the past 10 months, more than the number of illegal arrivals recorded in the previous six years

Liberals gatecrash Young Liberals meeting

LIBERAL MP Alex Hawke wants swift action taken against organisers of a gatecrash by 40 people at a Young Liberals meeting

Two boys aged 4 and 10 months found in drug house

TWO young boys - including one aged just 10 months - are now in the care of relatives after police found them living at a massive hydroponic cannabis set-up in Sydney's southwest

One in five Australians cloned by ID hackers

ONE in five Australians is a victim of credit card fraud or computer hackers

Australia hits 22 million population mark at lunchtime today

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates the nation was home to 21,998,977 people at 5.35pm yesterday

Police plead on road carnage as long weekend looms

POLICE are warning motorists to slow down in a bid to avoid another horror long weekend on the state's roads

Good news as economy gets $5b bonusPHILLIP COOREY

A $5 BILLION boost to the budget bottom line and a near-halving of expected debt has been downplayed by the Federal Government as ''a tentative step forward''

طالب سعودي يفوز بجائزة الابتكار في مجال التصميم الإليكتروني في أستراليا

حقق مشروع الطائرة الصغيرة التي تعمل بالطاقة الشمسية (الصقر الأخضر) والمصمم من قبل المهندس وسام حسن الصبان المبتعث من وزارة التعليم العالي المركز الأول في المسابقة المحلية على مستوى الولايات الاسترالية

Police plea over $3million hospitals scam

POLICE yesterday called on the NSW Government to examine health system finances after a second man was linked to an alleged $3 million fraud in private hospitals

North Shore Hospital worker blamed for rotting body

A DEAD body left decomposing in a hospital for four days was the result of "individual human error" rather than an absence of procedure, the Royal North Shore Hospital says

Sydney mum and daughter disappear in Liverpool

POLICE have launched a public appeal to find a mother and her five-year-old daughter who failed to return to their western Sydney home overnight.

أستراليا ستحل مكان هولندا في جنوب أفغانستان

 2000 جندي إضافي على الـ 1500 الموجدين في أفغانستان إضافة إلى مدافع وطائرات هليكوبتر هجومية

Australia's spam centra

Auburn in Sydney's south-west tops the most spammed suburb in Australia, while Canberra ranks as the number one city for junk mail. Illustration

تدفق اللاجئين على استراليا يمثل تهديدا جديدا لرئيس الوزراء

 يمثل تدفق قوارب اللاجئين تهديدا جديدا لرئيس الوزراء الاسترالي كيفين رود ويمكن أن يؤدي الى انقسام الاستراليين قبل عام من الانتخابات كما يمكن أن يؤجج من جديد خلافا بشأن الهجرة قاد المحافظين للفوز في الانتخابات عام 2001

Australia 'could be electric car leader'

AUSTRALIA could become a world leader in the design and production of zero-emission electric cars within the next decade, a Government report said

NRMA demands investigation into 'unleaded rip-off'

DRIVERS buying premium unleaded petrol are being ripped off at the bowser, with oil giants charging up to 15c a litre more than for regular unleaded fuel

Club staff owed $5 million back pay

THOUSANDS of low-income club workers across NSW have been underpaid a total of $5 million, with women the main victims

 أستراليا تقترح تخفيض سن الإقتراع إلى 16

تقترح أستراليا تخفيض سن الاقتراع إلى 16 سنة، الأمر الذي لاقى صفعة صباح اليوم من خلال اقتراح إصلاح القانون الانتخابي غير الملزم الذي قدمته حكومة رود في كانبيرا

Sydney properties 'toxic and not cleaned up'

A SERIES of reports obtained by Sydney Central have revealed that more than a dozen Sydney Council properties and buildings are contaminated with asbestos and other chemicals.