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Geagea Gives President Suleiman 10 days to Confirm a Cabinet

| 07.10,09. 11:41 AM |

Geagea Gives President Suleiman 10 days to Confirm a Cabinet

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea, in an interview with Reuters, called on President Michel Suleiman to sign the decree of "any government proposed by Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri" in a maximum period of 10 days . Geagea stressed on the importance of relying on genuine intentions to form a national-unity cabinet.

"It is up to the President to avoid leaving the country without a cabinet," he added.
Geagea accused the opposition of not caring about forming a unanimous government. "They are misleading the public opinion. If they really cared about a national-unity cabinet they wouldn't remain so inactive", he incriminated.

Geagea inculpated the opposition and their imposed conditions for the delay in forming a national-unity government alleging that "it is not normal to leave a country without a government for four months".

On other fronts, he manifested positivity over the upcoming Syrian-Saudi Summit expecting some constructive steps for the Arab region as a whole. A feeling he did not share when it comes to this summit's direct influence over the formation of a Lebanese government.

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