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Aoun strongly defends Bassil and lashes out at the majority 

| 20.08,09. 02:45 PM |


Aoun strongly defends Bassil and lashes out at the majority 

Change and Reform bloc leader MP Michel Aoun stated that ongoing campaign against his son-in-law Gebran Bassil 'aims to make people forget the pre-electoral campaign based on lies, so they forget the public debt that amounts $58 billion and divert attention from the absence of a program for strengthening domestic situation, in order to cover the incapability of the Cabinet”.

Speaking at a press conference at Rabieh, Aoun added that 'the attempt to minimize the Free Patriotic Movement's weight with the Cabinet started at the Parliament, though, we won despite everything. We sought winning the majority but failed to”. He said that, from now on, there was the only-conceding-party equation. 'We won't have but five ministers out of six, which is a limitation of our weight” he added. He noted that the other was making a wrong focus and didn't rule out Cabinet formation would drag on until school entrance.

Aoun also stated that MP Walid Jumblatt put an end to the 15-10-5 formula, shattered the image of the Cabinet and, from now on, the majority existed no more. 'No matter what the Cabinet structure will be, the majority will be a minority. You just have to calculate the numbers 12-10-5” he said. Aoun concluded that he was concerned in the national unity Cabinet more than the Cabinet itself. He said a Cabinet should not be formed mistakenly and he would not allow, in no means, to let the domestic situation explode.

Premier designate Saad Hariri asserted in a statement released Monday that he has been working on government formation since his designation far from political and media controversy, pointing that he will adhere to the constitution and the prerogatives it entitles the Prime Minister of.

Hariri stressed that the designated Prime Minister's jurisdictions are obvious and that he has not violated the constitution.

The statement points 'Hariri believes that each political team has the right to present its demands. However, government formation is the responsibility of both President Michel Sleiman and Premier Hariri.”

Accordingly, the designated Prime Minister is determined to keep the country in a mood of calm, thus benefiting the economy and Lebanese citizens, especially since Lebanon is currently witnessing a record-breaking tourism season which no one has the right to disrupt with a political divergence.

Batroun MP Boutros Harb responded Monday to MP Michel Aoun's statement he released in a press conference earlier today, saying it's a shame that such words come out of a responsible man.

MP Harb stressed that the nation must rise above family considerations.

'The Lebanese people deserve better than this,” pointed MP Harb who affirmed that level of speech must not sink to this level and that the tone of rage MP Aoun talked with must be treated.

Free Patriotic Movement chief, MP Aoun still insists on re-assigning his son-in-law, caretaker Minister Gebran Bassil as a minister and thus obstructing government formation and delaying it further.

Family must not come before the nation he added and indicated that Aoun left no room for replies since his statement was of a very disrespectful manner.

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