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'New' human remains found by dog

| 11.08,09. 02:36 PM |

'New' human remains found by dog

August 11, 2009 - 12:53PM

Human remains discovered at a rural property south-west of Sydney are believed to have been dumped only two days ago, police say.

The remains discovered at the Pheasants Nest rural property were believed to be only a couple of days old, said Superintendent Ian Foscholo, the Camden Local Area Commander.

He said police had been searching the property since Sunday after the property owner’s dog dragged a piece of tissue into the homestead from nearby bushland, he said.

Superintendant Foscholo said that the owner was "surprised’’ and immediately alerted police.

The owner had also reported finding bones in the dense scrub about one kilometre from his house on the Hume Highway, police said.

"We do know that they are definitely human remains," Superintendent Foscholo said.

"It is difficult to put a precise time on it but we believe [the remains] are only a couple of days old.

"The first piece of tissue was retrieved by a dog and brought back to the owner’s property, which he thought looked suspicious.

"As a consequence we have set up a crime scene and we are continuing to search. We have found some other tissue on Monday."

A team of about 50 police officers, some from the homicide squad, and other forensic specialists are scouring the area and the search is likely to continue until tomorrow.

Superintendent Foscholo said the gender and age of the body could not yet be determined and he declined to say if any clothes were found.

He also said the cause of death was unclear.

Superintendant Foscholo said it was too early to say whether the remains were from one person or more than one person.

"All we are talking about now is body parts,’’ he said.

The property where the remains were found features a sign at its front gate which reads: "Palatial landscapes.’’

Superintendant Foscholo said the owners had been helpful to police but wanted to maintain their privacy.

"We are talking about a rural area here," he said.

"Whether there are missing persons in the area is a line of inquiry we are pursuing."

The remains had been sent for forensic testing.

Police hope information from the public will help uncover how the body ended up in the remote location.

"Anyone with information is likely to be locals who may have seen a strange vehicle. It is such a remote area," Superintendent Foscholo said.


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