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Defenceless girl attacked while under the state's care

| 23.07,09. 02:48 AM |

Defenceless girl attacked while under the state's care


July 22, 2009 9:56PM


A SEVERELY disabled teenage girl has had her nose almost bitten off in a sickening attack at a government respite home.

Meg Makila, 15, is immobile and was unable to fend off her 22-year-old attacker who was in the same facility, despite government policy dictating children should be in separate homes to adults.

The intellectually disabled man climbed into her bed at the Bomaderry home at 1am on Tuesday and tore into her face and chest with his teeth, leaving her with severe bites, black eyes, bruises and scratches all over her body.

As she underwent emergency surgery, Meg's mother Sandra called for answers from the Department of Ageing and Disability.

She said a manager had refused to reveal most of the details of the attack at the department's respite home, citing "privacy reasons."

Daily Telegraph

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