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 Gran feared bomb as car hit her house

| 22.07,09. 01:00 AM |


 Gran feared bomb as car hit her house 


 July 21, 2009 11:08PM

What have I done? ... the P-plater after the crash. Source: The Daily Telegraph
A BOMB blast was the first thing that flashed through the mind of great grandmother Mavis Quinn when she heard a deafening bang outside her Port Macquarie home.

It wasn't until neighbours started banging on the door that the 87-year-old and her husband Joe discovered a car had hurtled into their brick home, destroying the garage.

"The noise was horrendous," Mrs Quinn said. "We thought for all the world that it was a bomb going off."

Surprisingly the 17-year-old P-plate driver and his two friends escaped without a scratch.

Mrs Quinn said it seemed he had mistaken the brake pedal for the accelerator and lost control of the car on Koala Rd.

The car took out a 50km/h speed limit sign before skidding across the Quinns' front garden and into the brick pylons of the garage, narrowly missing a tree.

"It's a miracle that nobody was seriously hurt," she said.

 The Daily Telegraph

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