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Man struck and trapped by Sydney tram

| 14.07,09. 04:22 PM |

Man struck and trapped by Sydney tram

July 14, 2009 01:15pm

A MAN crossing a city street today was struck by a tram and trapped before rescuers freed him in the CBD.

 The 50 year old man was crossing Hay St at Haymarket when he was hit at 12.26pm.

 Witnesses say they heard a loud thud as the man was struck and pinned beneath the tram.

 I heard a loud sound and then the tram stopped, passenger Darren Wong, 21, told The Daily Telegraph.

 The tram was only moving very slowly at the time.

 Police and ambulance officers worked frantically after freeing the man from under the tram.

 He was loaded into an ambulance and rushed to St Vincents Hospital just before 1pm.

 An ambulance spokesman said the 50 year old had suffered serious injuries and was in a critical condition.

 Passengers were let off the tram about 20 minutes after the accident.

After a critical hour, the man is now stable and talking in hospital.


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