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Caught on camera: Wedding party fraud

| 11.07,09. 03:17 PM |

Caught on camera: Wedding party fraud

 July 11, 2009 10:37am

IT sounded like the worst possible start to Andrew Singh's wedding day.

The coach on which he and dozens of relatives - including his parents - were travelling to the traditional Sikh ceremony was involved in an accident which apparently left many of them in pain for weeks afterwards.

Claiming they had suffered injuries including whiplash and bruising, they took the coach company to court seeking damages totalling $50,000 - but that was where this supposed scenario unravelled spectacularly.

A video of the wedding reception showed Mr Singh - wearing a glittering gold head-dress - waving his arms as he was held aloft by revellers.

Meanwhile the supposedly battered and traumatised guests sung and danced during festivities which included a band of Scottish pipers.

It led to their claims being thrown out by a judge who described the case as 'conspiracy to defraud on a major scale', and today both he and his parents were sent to prison for a year.

To add insult to injury, it emerged that his bride from the ill-fated day has subsequently left him after giving evidence against him.

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