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Bakery owner shot after confronting armed robbers

| 06.07,09. 02:24 PM |

Bakery owner shot after confronting armed robbers


 July 06, 2009 12:02pm

A MAN shot during a brazen armed robbery in Sydney has been described as a hero by police as he recovers in hospital.

The 42-year-old bakery owner from Earlwood in Sydney's southwest went to a nearby newsagency about 6.30am (AEST) this morning, after being told there was a robbery occurring there.

Two balaclava-clad men inside the newsagency had ordered the shopkeepers to open a safe and hand over cash.

"He (the bakery owner) has confronted one of the offenders at the cash register and, from what we are led to believe, there has been a physical altercation between the 42-year-old man from the hot bread shop and during the altercation he has not been aware that there is a second male offender in the store who has then produced what we believe to be a semi-automatic revolver,"  Inspector Tim Calman said.

"A shot was fired at that person from the hot bread shop, and that shot has actually hit him in the leg.

"At this stage, he has entry and exit wounds to the thigh, the upper right thigh and groin area."

The man, identified only as John, underwent surgery at St George Hospital where he is now in a serious but stable condition.

His three children spoke to the media outside the family shop on Monday, describing their father.

"My dad is always like that. He helps anybody who needs him. So I'm not surprised that he went and helped, but deep down I wish that he didn't because then he wouldn't have got injured,"
his daughter Samantha, 19, said.

Insp Calman agreed the man acted bravely.

"Quite heroic actions to go in there and confront these people, but ... best to let the police deal with these things," he said.

Police are reviewing CCTV footage of the area in the hope of finding the two robbers, who possibly left the scene with a small amount of cash, driving a late model, dark blue or black ute.

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