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World's most wanted living in Australia

| 01.06,09. 12:35 PM |

World's most wanted living in Australia


June 01, 2009 12:00am

THEY are 16 of the world's most wanted killers, sex predators, and fraudsters - and police suspect they are hiding out in Australia.

Crime Stoppers International has provided The Daily Telegraph exclusive access to the fugitive list as it begins its month-long Internationally Wanted Fugitives Round-Up and Arrest campaign.

The unprecedented global campaign is targeting half a billion people as the "eyes and ears" of the police in Australia, the US, the UK, South Africa, Canada, the Netherlands and the Caribbean.

International law enforcement agencies believe the 16 - who are among almost 120 internationally-sought criminals - have entered Australia and may still be here.

Countries with arrest warrants out range from Armenia to the US, China, Indonesia, New Zealand and Canada.

Despite its isolation and tight border controls, Australia rates high on the list of countries believed to have attracted international fugitives, who have either already visited or may be in the country.

Of the wanted criminals on the international list, the US had 60 believed to be within its borders, Canada about 20, the UK 20, and Australia close behind.

"I think that's because the country's sort of isolated geographically; I think that people think they may be able to hide here without being noticed," said Crime Stoppers Australia corporate affairs director Peter Price.

"These guys are hardened criminals and they may have come in under false passports or false pretences."

Topping the list is former South African lawyer George Prinsloo, 39, whose deceptively bland and urbane looks mask his sexual predator's nature.

He is wanted for luring underage girls away from orphanages, drugging them and paying them to engage in sex acts and child pornography.

Prinsloo had taunted police in his former homeland for the past three years, as he has toured the world, including Australia and New Zealand.

Also suspected of being in Australia is senior Canadian Hells Angel bikie David Macdonald Carrol, 57, wanted for questioning over the deaths of 13 people as well as for attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and gang and drugs offences, between 1995 and 2001.

Carrol remains on the run despite a major police operation conducted by Canadian authorities in 2001 that resulted in the arrest and incarceration of members of the Hells Angels and members of an affiliated group, called the Rockers.

Also wanted are seven alleged Indonesian money launderers including Adelin Lis, 51.

Lis, whose network of logging companies were accused of illegally logging $30 billion worth of Sumatran timber between 1995 and 2008, was acquitted of

illegal logging charges in late 2007. Indonesian authorities are still pursuing him for money-laundering charges.
The Australian wanted-list includes Russian-speaking Armenian Arakel Sargsyan, sought for crimes involving weapons or explosives.

Mr Price said he believed they were likely to be continuing their crimes while living under assumed identities.

"These people are serious criminals. We're talking about people dealing with weapons, explosives and money laundering so it's reasonably safe to say a leopard doesn't change its spots overnight," Mr Price said.

"If these guys are here, they're not going to church every Sunday."

He said those who knew the fugitives might be in for a shock when they discovered their true identities, but urged them not to confront them as some might be armed and prone to extreme violence.

Know anything about the fugitives? Pass on your tip anonymously by calling 1800 333 000 or logging on to

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