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Dead woman's girl 'missing for weeks

| 28.05,09. 12:25 AM |

Dead woman's girl 'missing for weeks

May 27, 2009 04:10pm

THE 13-year-old daughter of a woman found dead in her Sydney home is still missing and her school claim she had not attended classes for months.

Police discovered the badly decomposed body of the woman inside her Mt Druitt home late yesterday after forcing their way into the townhouse on Meacher St.

Neighbours said they had not seen the mother for weeks, and that police had been visiting the block of townhouses since Saturday asking if she had been seen.

The woman worked as a security guard at a nearby marketplace for a number of years.
It’s believed she separated from her former husband about a month ago.

Commander, homicide, Geoff Beresford said he believed the girl disappeared about the same time as the woman died – but that her decomposed state indicated it had been some weeks.

“One of our main concerns is that we are acting on the welfare concerns from a family member in regard to a 13 yr old girl,” he told a press conference.

This girl is described as being about 170 to 175 cms tall, with blue eyes, a fair complexion, shoulder-length red/brown hair that she often wears in an upswept style, and she is of a thin build.
“Because she is normally an occupant of this house and hasn’t been seen for some time both the family and the police have concerns for her welfare,” Commander Beresford said.

“It’s been several weeks since she has been seen at the school.”

“The body is severely decomposed. We believe death could have occurred up to three weeks ago.”
The woman and child were the only occupants. Police believe the girl lived there all the time.

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