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Dread of gangs defeats McDonald's

| 21.01,12. 04:38 AM |


Dread of gangs defeats McDonald's

 January 21, 2012

MCDONALD'S has lost a court battle to build a 24-hour restaurant at Eastlakes after a council argued it would increase local crime.
The fast food giant and Botany Bay Council have been fighting in the Land and Environment Court since October over the potential opening of a new 24-hour McDonald's on Gardeners Rd.

When council objected, McDonald's offered to shut the restaurant no later than 1am on weekends and leave only the drive-through open all night- but this too was argued against.

During a hearing, lawyers for Botany Bay Council cited complaints from residents about an increase in crime by "gangs of teenagers" when a previous McDonald's was there. Since the "old McDonald's" closed, they noted the adverse impacts had ceased.

Refusing the development application yesterday, Commissioner Annelise Tuor said that, despite offers from McDonald's to amend its plans, "the cumulative and overall effect of the amendments do not change the nature of the development".


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