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Get fire ready as heat climbs

| 17.01,12. 01:06 PM |


Get fire ready as heat climbs

 January 17, 2012

VICTORIANS have been urged to reassess their fire plans ahead of expected hot and windy conditions.
Fire Services Commissioner Craig Lapsley said fires in the Bendigo area at the weekend were an indicator of the danger.

About 150ha were burnt in conditions not overly hot or windy, Mr Lapsley said.

"Grass fires can move fast, they can move with significant heat, and they can be the threat this year."

Normal summer conditions were expected in February, Mr Lapsley said.

"So we will expect (temperatures) into the high-30s and the low-40s (and) northerly winds, which are a recipe for severe fire days," he said.

Premier Ted Baillieu said authorities were prepared for any outbreaks.

"I'm very confident that we're well advanced, and have had the benefit of some benign weather," he said.

"But we shouldn't in any way be complacent about it. This is a timely moment to refresh (fire) plans."

Temperatures in the high-30s with strong wind are expected across much of Victoria today.

Melbourne can expect to reach 35C, with northerly wind up to 45km/h.

 Herald Sun

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