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PSP : To Separate Political Rifts from Economic Issues

| 23.12,11. 07:53 AM |


PSP : To Separate Political Rifts from Economic Issues

Progressive Socialist Party on Thursday expressed surprise over the debate on the wage issue after “an agreement was made with the economic bodies and the General Labor Union on a formula which satisfied everyone,” asking to “separate political rifts from economic and social issues.”

In a statement after the leadership meeting headed by MP Walid Jumblat, the party reminded that the “wage hike issue affects a large portions of the Lebanese,” hoping that the latest decree will not be refused by the Shura Council again.

On Wednesday, Minister Nahhas pushed his own wage proposal on the table of the government which approved it after receiving the vote of 15 ministers.

Nahhas described the vote result as an “accomplishment achieved by the cabinet in its path towards change and reform.”

The new cabinet decision calls for raising the minimum wage to LL868,000 from the current LL500,000 – a sum that includes a LL236,000 transportation allowance.

On the Arab League initiative to send a Syrian delegation to Syria, PSP declared that “any attempt to separate the observers’ protocol from the initiative is not acceptable from Syria,” since this initiative will make a way to manage a transition period in Syria towards a democratic and diverse regime.”

The PSP condemned the bloodshed of the Syrian people “who are asking for their legitimate rights.”

The Party called for “distancing Lebanon from any complications related to the current Syrian crisis,” stressing that the Syrian refugees and activists in Lebanon “have a right to express themselves democratically,” refusing at the same time any issue which starts from Lebanon targeting Syria’s security and stability.”


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