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Snake turns up in sandpit at Kananook Primary School

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Snake turns up in sandpit at Kananook Primary School


December 20, 2011

REPTILE experts are warning people to take care after a snake was found in a sandpit at a primary school in Seaford.
Snake handler Raymond Hoser was called to Kananook Primary School yesterday to catch the 40cm baby red-bellied black snake.

"The teacher called us straight away and all the kids watched from a safe distance while I picked it up," he said.

"They're not native to Seaford so a pregnant snake has probably come in in a truckload of wood or something like that and given birth to some baby snakes who are now running around the area."

Mr Hoser said the recent case of a man who was bitten by a snake in Flinders was a timely reminder that people should not attempt to catch or kill snakes themselves.

"If you see a snake, don't go near it. Call someone who knows what they're doing," he said.

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