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Rise in botched holiday surgeries

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Rise in botched holiday surgeries


 December 18, 2011

AN increasing number of health tourists are coming back from overseas with botched cosmetic surgeries that need to be repaired locally, surgeons say.
The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons surveyed its members, with 38 per cent saying they were approached by patients in the past year to help fix faulty procedures.

But 72 per cent of those carrying out the revisions said they had cases they could not completely fix and 62 per cent saw patients who were permanently disfigured.

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Almost half of the plastic surgeons said they have seen cases that would have been life threatening if not corrected with further surgery.

Breast surgery was the most common for corrective surgery at 68 per cent, followed by facial surgery (15 per cent), abdomen (8 per cent), body contouring (5 per cent) and ear revisions (0.5 per cent).

The complications range from scarring and infections to unsatisfactory results, with the average cost for revision treatment about $5750.

The survey also revealed 31 per cent of all cosmetic tourism patients - many who combine holidays with plastic surgery procedures - getting the revision work done in public hospitals.

Botched procedures were done in countries that included Thailand, Singapore, and India, and in South America.


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