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March 14 holds Hizbullah fully responsible for attack on UNFIL

| 15.12,11. 12:07 AM |


March 14 holds Hizbullah fully responsible for attack on UNFIL

March 14 coalition fiercely denounced the attack that targeted the French troop within the battalion operating within the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon, holding Hizbullah responsible for the attack, as it is in hold for the security of the South.

It added in a statement after its weekly meeting: “Hizbullah is also completely responsible for the attack because it controls the security of the South and UNIFIL’s area of operations.”

“It is impossible that the party was not aware of suspicious activity” that planned the attack, it noted.

In addition, it criticized the government’s stance on the matter, saying that it should do more than just condemn the instability.

“The political authorities, including the army and security forces, are responsible for ensuring Lebanon’s commitment to all articles of U.N. Security Council resolution 1701,” it said.

“It should exert efforts to guarantee that Lebanon remains part of the international community against looming dangers, including warnings that countries participating in UNIFIL may reduce the number of their troops,” it stressed.

On the kidnapping of Liban Lait manager, Ahmed Zeidan, the March 14 General Secretariat strongly condemned the incident and the “suspicious manner in which he was released because the security forces did not have a clear role in the operation.”

“The Lebanese know the identity of the kidnapped, but they do not know the identity of the kidnappers,” it noted.

“This abduction and the kidnapping of Syrian activists and Lebanese citizens is a clear sign of the deteriorating security situation, which is also a sign of the state’s failure,” it said.

Zeidan was kidnapped by unknown assailants last week and released on Sunday.

The details of his release and cause for abduction remain unclear.

A number of Syrian activists have been abducted in Lebanon over the past few months.

The Syrian Embassy has been accused of being involved in the kidnappings. It had denied the claims.

Addressing the Syndical Coordination Committee’s strike scheduled for Thursday, the general secretariat remarked: “The March 14 forces support demands for a wage hike and they question the government’s indecisiveness in the matter … which is a sign of its lack of interest in the people’s daily concerns.”

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