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 bomb found outside a local TV  on the Sunshine Coas

| 13.12,11. 03:58 PM |

DISPOSAL experts have exploded home-made
 bomb found outside a local TV  on the Sunshine Coas

 December 13, 2011

Police took the device into a loading dock behind the Big Top shopping centre in the Maroochydore CBD where they detonated it at 1.15pm.

A loud bang could be heard, but the operation was conducted in a cordoned off area which was out of view from the street.

WIN News was the suspected target of the device, which a local business owner found on top of a rubbish bin near the TV station on Ocean St about 9.15am.

Shortly after 10am local time, about 15 police officers evacuated all businesses on the street, guarding the scene until bomb squad officers arrived from Brisbane about 11.30am.

A witness said the device looked like a small 10cm-high gas cylinder and had a rubber band wrapped around the top with a trigger.

"It was definitely a home-made looking device," she said.

A shop next door to the station called authorities and police rushed to the scene to cordon off the area.

Sarah Owens from WIN said the company's reception staff were the ones who told them to leave the building.

"We came down stairs and there was what looked like a little deodorant bottle sitting on the bin and we were told to get out," she said.

The Courier-Mail

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