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NSW's missing state MPs in Parliament

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NSW's missing state MPs in Parliament

December 11, 2011

FAMILY grief, major illness and a broken leg led to some state MPs missing more than a quarter of parliament's sitting days this year.
Nationals MP Stephen Bromhead and Liberal MLC Catherine Cusack missed the most number of sittings at 18 apiece. Parliament only met for 60.

Attendance records show Ms Cusack would be "unavailable for a period", while she began her battle with clinical depression in late September.

Mr Bromhead, still recovering from a car accident earlier this year, jumped from his seat to ask Premier Barry O'Farrell a question but the impact caused him to collapse in agony with a fractured leg.

"I missed about three to four weeks and it was all to do with the leg," Mr Bromhead told The Sunday Telegraph.

"There was an infection in my bone where the doctor originally drilled and inserted pins after the car accident and that was where my leg broke in Parliament.

"It is all about rehab now - and building muscles up, and getting my knee to work." When Parliament convened for the final time of the year, there were no questions from Mr Bromhead.

"Well, when I went in last week they banned me from getting up and asking a question," he laughed.

Labor's Cherie Burton was absent for 17 days while caring for an ill child.

Labor MP Robert Furolo, the member for Lakemba, suffered a heart attack in August and missed 12 parliamentary sessions, while he recovered.

"Any successive days (absent) have been attributed to his heart attack recovery," his spokeswoman said.

Mr Furolo wasn't the only one to suffer a heart scare.

Kiama MP Gareth Ward, 30, had a short stint in hospital and missed five days of Parliament after suffering a suspected minor heart attack. He was later quoted saying it was "certainly not brought on by the antics of the Labor Party in Parliament".

Hansard records show that the Lower House had every member present on just five days.


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