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Universities to teach computer games to school leavers in NSW

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Universities to teach computer games to school leavers in NSW

 Appy days: Uni students are being taught about computer game development. Picture: AP Source: AP


 December 04, 2011

SCHOOL-LEAVERS are being lured to universities by new courses creating computer games and building mobile phone apps.
Several NSW universities have overhauled science courses to focus on apps, games design and animation.

Australia's largest mobile development firm, Outware Mobile, said it struggled to find university graduates proficient in mobile applications.

Director Danny Gorog said his firm had to train its recruits because students were not being taught the skills at uni."There's a real skills shortage out there," he said. "We hire smart, young graduates and we put them through a training course.

"If universities want to attract the brightest developers, they need to offer courses in mobile applications and interactive technology."

UTS will offer a bachelor's degree in design in animation and a BSc in games development next year..

At Wollongong University, students will be able to study how to build iPhone, BlackBerry and Android applications in the bachelor of computer science in multimedia and game development.Informatics faculty spokeswoman Lyn Bosanquet said the university had to "move with the times" so graduates were employable.

Macquarie University's new computer science major in interactivity and games will train students to produce video games, websites and more.

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