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Wild storms strike Canberra and NSW as more wild weather to come

| 30.11,11. 09:36 AM |

Wild storms strike Canberra and NSW as more wild weather to come



WILD storms have battered Canberra and parts of NSW, dumping more than 100mm of rain near one popular small town - and with the promise of more to come.

Canberrans were last night treated to one of the most spectacular lightning shows in decades, which played out across the city's skies from around 5pm until the early hours of the morning.

Around 30-45mm of rain fell across Canberra suburbs, but Mount View, near Braidwood in southern NSW, was hammered with 117mm of rain.

It was a story of contrasts however - 90 minutes up the road at Goulburn, just 3mm of rain fell, while at Cooma, two hours south of Braidwood, only 10mm of rain was recorded.

Senior meteorologist at the ACT Bureau of Meteorology, Sean Carson, said storms hit the national capital and southern NSW in waves.

He said a trough over central NSW built up in yesterday's heat and humidity, fuelling the storms.

More wild weather is forecast to hit Canberra in the next  "six to nine hours'', he said, before conditions stabilise.

"There are no more thunderstorms forecast for the near future,'' Mr Carson said.

Canberra's southern suburbs have been awash with 190mm of rain in November, while the airport has recorded 130mm. The monthly rainfall average for Canberra is 60mm.

Mr Carson attributed the wet weather to another La Nina event, and recalled last summer's heavy rainfall, which resulted in the flooding of Queanbeyan.

Canberra’s first week of summer is expected to be mild, with below average temperatures forecast.


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