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Tears over for bashed cop

| 22.05,09. 03:56 PM |

Tears over for bashed cop

May 22, 2009 01:29pm

THE husband of a policewoman who was bludgeoned in the head with a house brick as she went to work last week has made a heartfelt statement to those who have offered support: "The time for tears is over".

With his 34-year-old wife, who suffered a severe head injury, taking her first steps in hospital this morning since last week's attack, Inspector Laurence Barlow said he was incredibly proud of his wife's progress.

Insp Barlow, a senior riot squad officer, thanked the media for agreeing to not name his wife and protect his family's privacy, but said he was happy to be identified now as he spoke to thank all involved in his wife's recovery.

"I'm here today to say thank you and to tell you how proud I am of my wife, and her amazing recovery from the incident that occurred last week,'' he said.

"On behalf of my family I would like to express my deep gratitude to all those people, some of them complete strangers, who've stopped me in the street, spoke to me in cafes, talked to me in the waiting rooms here at St Vincent's Hospital to demonstrate their love and concern for my wife, our family, and the whole of the NSW Police Force.

"My wife is still in intensive care but the news grows more positive each day and I am advised that she is progressing well along the road to recovery.

"My wife is a fighter, I know that...the medical team here at St Vincent's are finding out just how special she truly is.''

He said his wife was moving and talking, and was "still piecing together the period of her life surrounding this incident''.

"We're hoping she can be taken out of intensive care soon and begin the next phase of her recovery,'' said Insp Barlow.

"My family cannot find words enough to express our gratitude to everybody who has contributed in getting us this far,'' he said.

He thanked all the hospital staff at the hospital, where he said "miracles'' happened, from the neurosurgeons who operated on his wife to the social workers, as well as the ambulance officers who took his wife to hospital following the attack early on Wednesday near a bus stop in Craigend St, Darlinghurst.

"I would like to use this opportunity to thank the 20,000 members of the NSW Police Force who simply cannot do enough to help us through this time,'' said Insp Barlow.

"I find myself saying no thank you dozens of times every day because there are just so many offers for help. I know as members of our other family that you feel this hurt too.

"But you're almost killing me with your love and affection and I have to say that if I've got to go I can't think of a better way of going.''

He ended his message by saying: "The time for tears is over''.

"With every day my wife and our family are growing stronger. They will have to invent words, new words, in the English language to express our gratitude to so many people for what you have done for us so far, because thank you will never be enough.''

Dr Tony Grabs, director of trauma at St Vincent's, said his believed there were good prospects for the policewoman's full recovery and that the signs so far were "remarkable''.

He said she had suffered a major fracture of the skull bone and profuse bleeding from the scalp. She required a section of the skull that had "collapsed in'' to be removed.

"On the brain scan the brain was tight but she did not appear to have many bleeds inside the brain.''

Dr Grabs said she was gradually woken from her coma and her recovery to date was "even better than we could expect''. She was likely to remain in hospital for several more weeks

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