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SNC Press Release: On The Deteriorating Situation in Homs

| 20.11,11. 09:28 PM |


SNC Press Release: On The Deteriorating Situation in Homs


The Assad regime continues to exploit the deadlines given by the Arab League, by trying to brutally suppress the Revolution in Homs. The regime has sent hundreds of tanks and armored vehicles to the vicinity of Homs and inside the city, along with thousands of soldiers, security, and Shabiha forces, who killed hundreds of citizens and injured and arrested thousands. The Assad forces have spread throughout the neighborhoods of the city, attacking them one after another, especially Baba Amr, Bab Al-Sbaa, Bab Al-Draib, Deir Balba, Al-Khaldiyeh, and other neighborhoods and towns such as Al-Rastan, Talbiseh, Talkalakh to name but a few. These neighborhoods and towns have become disaster zones after the regime cut off fuel, medical and food supplies. As a result, tens of thousands of its residents are in dire need of basic necessities.
The tight blockade of the city has resulted in widespread suffering and misery in the governorate of Homs. Children are hungry, cold, panicked, and many of them are displaced and deprived of the minimum living conditions necessary for a safe childhood. The people of Homs are paying a large portion of the price for the freedom of Syria with their blood and their lives. The people of Homs are sacrificing everything for Syria in the name of freedom, dignity, and national unity. We highly appreciate and value these sacrifices.
The Syrian National Council condemns the atrocities committed by the Syrian regime and calls upon the Arab League and the United Nations to further pressure the Assad regime to grant access to the International Red Cross, International relief organizations, human rights delegations, and media outlets in all areas of Homs.


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