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Imagine carton this thing around

| 18.11,11. 12:50 PM |

Imagine carton this thing around


November 18, 2011

A GROUP of architecture students has used humble milk cartons to create a model of Flinders St railway station.

The students from Melbourne University designed and built the model more than 4m long, 2.5m wide and 2m high.
It took more than 1000 cartons cut, folded, glued, stomped, torn and taped over 100 hours.
The group covered every detail including lids for the clocks over the front steps and trams and people made out of cartons and lids.

Building design student Alysha Tamburo said the curved dome was the trickiest part to build.
"Just trying to get the dome right, you can't really make a dome out of flat square milk cartons," Ms Tamburo said.
"The biggest thing was keeping in mind it had to be transportable."
The model was built for Pauls Milk, which is celebrating its new gable-top milk cartons.


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