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Hariri tells Syrians: vote doesn't express Lebanese will 

| 13.11,11. 09:21 AM |


Hariri tells Syrians: vote doesn't express Lebanese will  

Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri expressed Saturday regret over the Lebanese government's stance during the Arab League Ministerial Council meeting to vote on whether or not to suspend Syria from membership.
Speaking to the Syrian people on Twitter, Hariri asked it "not to consider the stance expressive of Lebanese people's will."
The government along with Yemen's voted against the suspension.
Hariri assured the Arab League's stance is "a victory and proof that Arabs can make a stance in the international community based on their positions."
"It is time to bow our heads and pray for those who fell on the track of freedom, particularly in Syria," he said.
Hariri had also hoped Russia would reconsider its stance over the Syrian crackdown, adding "finally Arabs have endured their responsibilities toward those who seek freedom and democracy."
On whether the Arab League decision would affect Lebanon's stability, the Future Movement leader hoped assured that those who try to cause instability "would be exposed before the Lebanese and Arabs."

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