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Geagea: Lebanese Security Forces Complicit with Abduction of Syrian Opposition Members

| 09.11,11. 02:23 AM |


Geagea: Lebanese Security Forces Complicit with Abduction of Syrian Opposition Members

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea condemned on Tuesday the kidnapping of Syrian citizens in Lebanon, whether they oppose or support the Syrian regime.

He accused after holding talks with the Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin: “The Lebanese security authorities are complicit with the abductions and they seek to lure out the Syrian opposition members in order to deport them to Syria.”

He therefore called on President Michel Suleiman and Prime Minister Najib Miqati to “immediately” intervene and halt the kidnappings “that are taking place on a daily basis.”

Furthermore, the LF leader noted that the “kidnappers will be summoned before international tribunals, sooner or later.”

Addressing French Foreign Minister Alian Juppe’s fears that the developments in Syria may negatively affect the situation in Lebanon, Geagea said: “The state should assume its responsibilities and control the Lebanese-Syrian border and treat Syrian refugees according to international standards.”

The Lebanese state is obligated to harbor the refugees, set up camps for them, and cater to their humanitarian needs, he added.

“The state is required to act like one, especially since it hasn’t so far,” he stressed.

“The government does not have the components of a government and its majority does not believe in the state and therefore does not work for it,” Geagea remarked.

“Its first and last goal is to serve the resistance and it should therefore resign,” he continued.

For his part, Zasypkin confirmed Russia’s support for the Arab people’s struggle for freedom and democracy.

He also stressed the need to focus on Lebanon’s stability and security to prevent the developments in Syria from affecting it.

The ambassador also voiced his country’s “constant support for the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.”


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