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Muslims take message to prime time TV

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Muslims take message to prime time TV


 October 25, 2011

WATCH first TV advertisement that will be played across national TV promoting Islam.
THE Islamic group behind the provocative "Jesus is a Prophet of Islam" billboards is now selling its message nationally with TV ads.
The commercial, believed to be the first to promote Islam on national television, features several excerpts from the Koran to show that Muslims share similar values to Christians.

The commercial will begin screening nationally from Friday on Channel 7 and Channel 9 during Sunrise and Today and mid-afternoon news bulletins.

The same advertisement will show across regional areas from Wednesday.

The commercial is the brainchild of MyPeace, the same organisation that erected the billboards across the country triggering anger by some Christian groups.

The message at the time, "Jesus is a prophet of Islam", is in line with Islamic beliefs that Jesus was not the son of God.

Founder Diaa Mohamed said the commercial was aimed at addressing misconceptions about Islam.

"We thought it best to, for lack of a better term, hijack Islam back and show you what Islam is really about," Mr Mohamed said.

The billboard and television advertising campaign was launched following a study - commissioned by the MyPeace group - that suggests the second biggest issue facing Australian society is the rise of Islam in the country, ahead of climate change and asylum seekers.

"We hope that a campaign that seeks to build bridges, foster community across mainstream Australia and deal with misconceptions to achieve greater social understanding (such as this one) would be generally well received," Mr Mohamed said.

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