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March 14 questions the consensual democracy of Hizbullah 

| 19.10,11. 11:22 PM |

March 14 questions the consensual democracy of Hizbullah 


March 14 alliance said that Hizbullah’s practices and rejections to fund the Special Tribunal for Lebanon culminates the coup it executed early this year exploiting its arms in order to subdue legislative institutions to abolish international decisions mainly decision 1757.

March 14 comments came in a statement Wednesday after its periodic weekly meeting in the presence of a number of the alliance’s deputies.

The statement pointed to Hizbullah’s stances rejecting funding the STL: “Hizbullah has claimed over the past years that it backs consensual democracy. But here it is today voicing calls in the cabinet to reject funding the STL, and imposing its will on its allies.”

The alliance’s statement stressed that what it is doing now is a culmination of Hizbullah’s coup early this year, using its weapons to subdue constitutional authorities to its own decisions.

The statement warned the government, mainly parties claiming a will to fund the STL, “that the moment funding is rejected, March 14 will consider the cabinet toppled.”

March 14 also denounced Syrian incursions against Lebanon’s border and the role of the Syrian ambassador and his embassy in repressing solidarity with the Syrian people.

It also hailed the courageous efforts of Internal Security Forces General Director Ashraf Rifi regarding the case of abducting four Syrian nationals.

March 14 also voiced hopes that Arab stances regarding the Syrian people revolution are more united and more resolute regarding Assad.

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