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Al-Rahi: The Patriarch Follows no Party

| 10.10,11. 02:44 PM |

Al-Rahi: The Patriarch Follows no Party

he Maronite Patriarch Bechara al-Rahi on Sunday pointed out that the Patriarch should hold "no color except the Lebanese colors", stressing that he is with "all the parties and movements and all of the Lebanese people."

During a dinner held by the Aito Organization in Ottawa, Rahi said that former Patriarch Sfeir had always played the role of Bkirki well, "although some tried to show him as following a certain party," stressing that the Patriarch holds no colors except the Lebanese ones.

Al-Rahi asked "all those who want the truth, freedom, a sovereign Lebanon, and co-existence, to support the Patriarch," stressing that nobody should believe all that is written and said about him.

The Patriarch pointed out Lebanon's interdependence with the Arab World "because our depth and our destiny is with it," stressing that "we have to be tough in order to preserve Lebanon's message in these dangerous circumstances in the Arab World."

Al-Rahi lauded U.S. President Barack Obama for naming the Lebanese-American Ray Lahoud as his Transportation Secretary.

Lahoud was pesent at the dinner and made a speech in which he "pledged to be the voice of Lebanon in the U.S. and all the world."


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