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PSP Discusses ‘Dangerous’ Situation over Hizbullah Rejection to Fund STL

| 08.10,11. 02:24 AM |


PSP Discusses ‘Dangerous’ Situation over Hizbullah Rejection to Fund STL


Ministers loyal to National Struggle Front leader Walid Jumblat have held consultations with the Druze chief over Hizbullah’s official announcement that it rejects to fund the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

A source did not unveil to al-Liwaa daily the details of the discussions but said that the situation inside and outside the cabinet was “dangerous” after reportedly Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah told his visitors that that the tribunal will not be funded.

Al-Liwaa said that the Progressive Socialist Party leader has lately tightened security measures around his house in the Beirut district of Clemenceau.

Meanwhile, As Safir newspaper reported that Jumblat has bought an agricultural land plot in the area of Iqlim al-Kharroub worth 30 million dollars. He has also bought a 25-million-dollar house in France.

The terse report added that the Druze chief has been buying several land parcels in the areas of Rashaya and Hasbaya.


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