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March 14 reiterates support to Palestinian people: Taëf the only path to stability 

| 22.09,11. 04:10 AM |


March 14 reiterates support to Palestinian people: Taëf the only path to stability  

The March 14 General Secretariat emphasized the need to adhere to the constitution and Taëf Accord in order to resolve various disputes and protect the Lebanese.

In a statement issued Wednesday following its weekly meeting, the March 14 said that “the constitution and Taëf Accord are the sole authorities in ending political, security, military, economic, cultural, social, and developmental affairs.”

Addressing regional developments, the March 14 General Secretariat urged the Lebanese state to exert all possible efforts to ensure the establishment of a Palestinian state.

On the internal level, the March 14 criticized the government’s stalling practices, saying that they will only lead Lebanon to further crises that are being run by regional powers “that are not part of international legitimacy.”

“As Lebanon is heading the United Nations Security Council, President Michel Suleiman and Prime Minister Najib Mikati should fulfill their pledges and completely commit to resolutions on Lebanon,” the statement read.

It urged the government to cease stalling in implementing Security Council resolution 1701, especially in ending the illegitimate possession of arms.

March 14 also said “It should also curb weapons smuggling into Lebanon and stop being selective in dealing with Special Tribunal for Lebanon decisions.”

“Maintaining the policy of procrastination will harm Lebanon’s credibility and that of its constitutional institutions,” it noted, adding that “the country’s image before the international community will also be harmed and the country will only be dragged deeper into regional crises.”

Concluding its statement, the March 14 coalition also renewed its call on various Arab institutions to aid the Syrian people in their plight against the Syrian regime.

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