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Serbian ex-army chief sentenced to 27 years in jail

| 07.09,11. 12:25 AM |


Serbian ex-army chief sentenced to 27 years in jail

The Yugoslav war crimes tribunal has sentenced the former chief of the Yugoslav army to 27 years imprisonment for providing crucial military aid to Bosnian Serb forces responsible for the Srebrenica massacre and deadly four-year campaign of shelling and sniping in Sarajevo.

U.N. judges convicted Gen. Momcilo Perisic on charges of providing troops, ammunition and logistical support to rebel Serbs in Bosnia and Croatia.

Tuesday’s verdict underscored the Yugoslav army’s far-reaching support for Bosnian Serb forces and rebel Serb forces in Croatia responsible for the worst atrocities of the Balkan conflicts in the 199per0s.

However, the judges acquitted Perisic on charges that he was directly responsible for crimes as a superior officer to leaders of the Bosnian Serb forces.


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