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March 14 Urges Suleiman to Summon Lebanon’s Ambassador to Syria for ‘Consultations’

| 11.08,11. 05:40 AM |


March 14 Urges Suleiman to Summon Lebanon’s Ambassador to Syria for ‘Consultations’

The March 14 General Secretariat condemned on Wednesday Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour’s visit to Damascus aimed at showing solidarity with the Syrian regime, saying that it was a shameful moment that portrayed Lebanon as the only Arab supporter of the regime that “is committing massacres against its people.”

It said in statement after its weekly meeting: “We urge President Michel Suleiman to summon Lebanon’s Ambassador to Syria in order to hold consultations on the developments there.”

It also called on him to conduct the necessary consultations with all political powers in order to preserve Lebanon.

It noted that the government’s decision to disassociate itself from a United Nations Security Council statement condemning the crackdown against the anti-regime protests in Syria came at a time when Arab countries voiced their support of the Syrian people.

“This stand has placed the Lebanese in a position they did not chose, but they in fact reject it, as they are portrayed as complicit with the bloodshed the that world has unanimously condemned,” the March 14 General Secretariat.

“The government’s position is its own, expressing its commitment to a regime that is killing its own people,” the statement said.

“Given the regional developments, Lebanon’s safety is a priority that should be above all other matters,” it stressed.

The General Secretariat also praised the demonstrations that took place in Beirut, Tripoli, and the Bekaa in support of the Syria people.

On U.N. media reports that Hizbullah is taking part in suppressing protests in Syria, the statement said: “This proves that the party has abandoned the principles that it claims to respect.”

“It is jeopardizing the entire sect it represents because it is linking it to the ongoing massacres against the Syrian people,” it noted.


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