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Hizbullah Says Explosion in Dahieh Caused by Gas Canister

| 31.07,11. 02:11 AM |


Hizbullah Says Explosion in Dahieh Caused by Gas Canister


Hizbullah denied on Saturday reports about casualties in a gas canister explosion in the Rouwais neighborhood of Beirut’s southern suburbs a day earlier.

“No one was injured in the blast and there was only material damage,” Hizbullah’s media relations department said.

The statement added: “The blast that happened in an apartment in Dahieh’s Rouwais neighborhood was caused by a gas canister.”

A security source told LBC television on Saturday that “security forces are not able to enter the area.”

“Hizbullah’s security forces are still cordoning off the area,” the source said.

However, newspapers raised doubts on the nature of the blast.

An Nahar and al-Liwaa dailies said that a small bomb or a hand grenade could have been the cause of the blast which triggered a huge fire at the apartment.

They said the Shiite party’s gunmen raced to the scene of the blast which took place at around 11:00 pm on the 10th floor of the building and prevented curious onlookers and reporters from reaching the area.

At one point, the gunmen opened fire in the air to disperse the crowds. Given the sensitive location of the blast scene, security forces and investigators were also prevented from reaching the area.

The reports said one person was killed in the explosion and that firefighters worked on dousing the fire well after midnight.

Al-Liwaa said that two explosions shook Rouwais and not one.

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