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March 14 to Announce Road Map for Indictment Aftermath on Sunday

| 03.07,11. 05:13 AM |


March 14 to Announce Road Map for Indictment Aftermath on Sunday

The March 14-led opposition is preparing for a broad meeting at the Bristol Hotel on Sunday that is expected to issue a “major announcement,” An Nahar newspaper reported on Saturday.

The Bristol gathering will include around 300 officials affiliated with the March 14 forces, while the opposition will set on Saturday the broad lines for the meeting.

Meanwhile, March 14 bloc MPs will convene on Monday to issue a statement announcing their stance from the new cabinet.

Informed sources told al-Liwaa newspaper in remarks published on Saturday that the Bristol meeting will hold an escalatory tone although it aims to draft the road map for the stage after the release of the indictment.

Sources noted that a strong campaign against Prime Minister Najib Miqati will be launched in order to force him to resign similar to Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s campaign to thwart the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

The Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc meanwhile said on Friday that the accusations issued by the STL indictment in the 2005 murder of ex-premier Rafik Hariri will target the accused individuals and not their sects or parties.

“The policy statement is a trap for Lebanon to put it in a confrontation with the international community,” it said.

The bloc announced that it will therefore withhold its vote of confidence from the cabinet.


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