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March 14 Holds Suleiman, Miqati Responsible for ‘Sick Aounist Condition’

| 23.06,11. 07:41 AM |

March 14 Holds Suleiman, Miqati Responsible for ‘Sick Aounist Condition’


The March 14 general-secretariat on Wednesday held President Michel Suleiman and Premier Najib Miqati responsible for Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun’s “illness,” and vowed to unanimously confront the new cabinet.

“Every statement made by MP Michel Aoun confirms the revolutionary nature of the cabinet,” the general-secretariat said following its weekly meeting. Aoun’s verbal attacks “include threats of banishment, imprisonment and murder.”

“March 14 holds the president and the prime minister responsible for this sick Aounist condition and rejects their attempts to disavow Aoun’s remarks,” the statement, which was read by coordinator Fares Soaid, said.

It also accused Suleiman and Miqati of “consolidating” Aoun’s stances “despite his dangerous threats.”

The statement reiterated that Miqati’s government was formed after a coordinated coup carried out by the Syrian regime and Hizbullah. The cabinet was formed in an attempt by Syria “to link Lebanon’s fate with its fate,” it said.

The March 14 forces expressed their determination to unanimously confront the government through a “political-popular, peaceful and democratic opposition.”

Vowing to confront any attempt to shake Lebanon’s stability and security, the coalition warned Miqati’s cabinet from thinking that it could target “the independent and democratic team.”

On the latest clashes in the northern port city of Tripoli, the statement reiterated the March 14 stance that Tripoli should be announced an arms-free town.

“The process to disarm the city is a necessary condition to disengage Lebanon from the crisis of the Syrian regime,” it said.


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